If you’re selling your home, adding curb appeal can increase your home value 3% – 5% according to Consumer Reports.

Any realtor will tell you that when concrete ages it becomes discolored and ugly, which subtracts from the value of any property. With the right concrete resurfacing, you can change an eyesore into eye candy while improving the functionality of any home or business. Our concrete experts at Danny’s Spray Deck are committed to providing you with world class service. In fact, the attention to detail and artisan finishes our concrete professionals provide are famously known throughout the region as “the Danny Difference”.

Many of our first time customers had used local competitors to deliver the same installation in the past, but the work was often done incorrectly, used low quality materials, and showed obvious signs of cutting corners. You can rest easy knowing our concrete resurfacing experts are taking the proper steps to install a quality product that will last you for years to come. Our spray deck services have a variety of residential and commercial applications from pool decks and patios to driveways and walkways. We can apply a slip resistant finish that will help prevent accidents in wet conditions while retaining less heat during warmer weather.

We offer a wide variety of different patterns and colors for you to select from on our trowel finish texture. We work on both residential and commercial interior and exterior floors, like concrete (old and newly poured), pea gravel, and existing Kool deck just to name a few. This spray deck requires low maintenance and is known to be cooler than any other concrete surface application so that when you are using your outdoor areas, like patios and pools, during warmer temperatures you can enjoy them in comfort. 

We install professional long lasting mastic, which is also known as joint sealant, gap filler, or glazing as part of the concrete waterproofing process. Whether you are replacing old rotten wooden joints or worn off mastic, we can handle the task. Our mastic installers only use high quality products to deliver long lasting work. You can even select from a variety of colors to add the perfect finishing touch. Mastic is a special type of caulk that’s resistant to chemicals, water, and UV rays and designed for pool and spa area applications. Since mastic is installed between the deck and the coping of your pool or spa, it will help discourage weeds from growing in that space. Even more important than that, mastic is designed to help reduce the likelihood of water entering the space behind your pool shell, which can lead to sagging of the deck, or damage to the shell itself. Mastic installation usually takes between two (2) and three (3) hours depending on the size of the area being serviced combined with a cure time of twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours, depending on the temperature.

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